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By Eric Andrews, Regional Client Partnership Manager

My colleagues and I are lucky to work for a company that offers a number of development opportunities and programs, such as Remedy’s Leadership Challenge, Colleague Exchange, Mentor Program, Emerging Women’s Leadership, and many more.

The potentially challenging part of having a larger number of development opportunities available could be determining which is the right opportunity at the right time to maximize the results for each individual.   

Every colleague brings a uniquely different skillset to the table. Some colleagues will have specific skills that have been developed and mastered over time, while others may have not yet had the opportunity to develop that particular skillset. The idea of self-coaching places the focus of self-development directly on each of us.

We are all directly responsible for our own professional development. Yes, we all have managers and senior leaders who are also responsible for helping coach and develop us; however, it is really up to each of us to guide our own development.

In order for this philosophy to work, colleagues are required to be truly honest with themselves and their managers and really think about the types of skills they may need to further develop in order to be in line for new/future opportunities. 

While we do offer a number of internal development programs at Remedy, we strongly encourage colleagues to look outside of our organization as well for additional opportunities and then share any experiences with our teams. 

I came across a quote by leadership expert Robin Sharma that sums up the overall philosophy behind taking ownership of your own development and really making good use of the opportunities available to us: “Investing in yourself is the best investment you will ever make. It will not only improve your life, it will improve the lives of all those around you.” 


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