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By Liz Krieger, Client Solutions Specialist at Remedy Intelligent Staffing

Networking. Just a mention of the word can induce a feeling of fear or nervousness.  Whether it is a fear of meeting new people or finding the time in your busy schedule to network, this professional mingling is often avoided by most. It’s important to understand, however, that networking is an important part of growing your business and career.

To be successful, we must be vocal about professional interests and career goals. Building relationships with area professionals through networking—with those you may not have met otherwise—can create interesting avenues for triumph. Networking is one of the most important tools business professionals can use and should be utilized more often.

Networking helps professionals learn important information about our communities, local businesses, and changes in area economies. It also helps strengthen interpersonal and communication skills while establishing and strengthening both new and existing relationships.

The key to successful networking is choosing a group that is right for you. Make sure you choose events that cover topics of interest or relate to you, your field, or your business demographic. It is also important to remember that what you put into networking is what you will ultimately get out of it. You must actively engage to create fruitful relationships and follow up to reap the benefits. Connecting via social media sites like LinkedIn can help you stay in touch and help to foster your new connections.

It is never too late to start networking! Get out there and spread your personal brand. You and your company will experience the benefits in no time!

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