By Britni Nagle, Branch Manager at Remedy Intelligent Staffing

We all know how important first impressions are. But it’s also a continued focus on ethical and professional behavior in the workplace that can set an employee apart from their colleagues and competition. A lack of these qualities can lead to situations that may be detrimental to a company’s reputation.

Think about your weekly trip to the grocery store: have you ever heard an employee being rude to a customer? Would that make you want to return to that store or go to a competitor?

Acting professionally means treating others with respect and dignity, whether they be customers or colleagues. In the staffing industry, we deal with many personalities; however, a common situation we see is jobseekers who are unhappy in their current position or frustrated and struggling to find work to pay their bills. At our local Remedy Intelligent Staffing branch, we provide snacks and drinks to all our applicants, which may seem like a small gesture, but it goes a long way! For our internal staff, we hold a Motivational Monday to promote positivity and the culture we strive to maintain every day. 

You never know what is happening within individuals’ home lives and how they are feeling that day. We take this in account and try to make everyone’s day just a little bit better. To me, showing professionalism means acting as a team player and going the extra mile for colleagues, clients, and associates. It means treating people with courtesy, dignity, compassion, and respect.

Someone who is ethical always does the right thing—even behind closed doors. It’s about treating everyone equally and treating the business as your own while following all procedures, laws, etc.

Promoting professionalism and ethical behavior also increases employee’s productivity. According to a study at the University at Buffalo, when companies have a poor culture, employees start looking for a job. And another study from UB notes, “When employees are undermined at work, they begin to undermine their colleagues. These contagious, negative behaviors cast a dark cloud over work and are estimated to cost organizations about $6 billion each year in health problems, employee turnover, and productivity loss.”

As a Branch Manager for Remedy Intelligent Staffing, I feel our company, my direct team, and I take this topic very seriously. If you treat others with respect and treat them how you want to be treated, people will spread the word.

Word of mouth is a top referral source, but most importantly, it makes you feel good knowing you did the right thing!


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